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Radial’s solutions put growth company Zinzino on the world map

The Swedish Zinzino is growing at a blistering pace and is continuously expanding its activities to new countries. “That is only possible with the right e-commerce partner, who is able to grow at the same pace.”

“Feel free to call us a hypergrowth company,” says Jakob Spijker, Zinzino Europe’s COO. The Swedish direct sales company develops and sells food, skin care and lifestyle products. “Over the past nine years, sales have increased annually, even by almost 50% last year. We sell our products in over 100 countries around the world and we are still betting on new markets.” Every month, an average of 100,000 parcels are shipped worldwide. About half of these are handled and delivered by bpost subsidiary Radial.

“Thanks to Radial, following the first project in Poland, we were very quickly able to integrate other distribution centers.”

Jakob Spijker Zinzino Europe’s COO

Last year, Zinzino and Radial joined forces to distribute parcels from the logistics centre in Poland to ten European countries. Spijker: “For a company like ours, it is crucial that customers receive our products as quickly as possible and in good condition. To make this happen, we need to be able to rely on a network of local warehouses.” Barely a few weeks after the contract was signed, the first parcels were shipped from the warehouse in Poland. “At that point, we got acquainted with Zinzino’s growth dynamics,” says Mariusz Mozdzynski, Radial Poland’s Sales Director. “We were only just working on the project in Poland, when we already got a question about our capacity in the United States.”

America and Asia

“No one is an expert in every world market. Being part of a group that operates worldwide is therefore quite valuable. It makes it possible to bring customers quickly in contact with the right kind of people,” says Mozdzynski. And so, he immediately put Zinzino in touch with Tammy Niemier, Radial US Director of Sales-International. “From Europe we immediately received a lot of information about the operational processes. This cooperation allowed us to act quickly: we quickly managed to distribute packages for the American market out of the Richwood warehouse,” says Niemier. Radial repeated this operation in Hong Kong, where it has, in the meanwhile, operationalized a distribution centre for the Asian market for Zinzino.

“The cooperation with our European colleagues enabled us to serve the American market for Zinzino after only a few weeks.”

Tammy Niemier Director of sales Radial US

When Zinzino first considered working with Radial, it looked at the volumes that the parcel deliverer could handle and the references it could provide. But the technological platform was also convincing. Mozdzynski: “At Radial, we developed a very user-friendly software linking the customer’s IT systems to the distribution centre. You only have to integrate the software once. Subsequently, other warehouses can also be linked within the same interface, even if those warehouses run in the background on different technology platforms.” That means, for example, that Zinzino employees connect in the same way with the distribution centers in the United States, as in Europe or Asia. “That is really unique, because it is usually not that easy to integrate warehouses into a network. So we managed to minimize the hours of work spent on IT integration and, at the end of the day, save some money too,” says Niemier.

The Radial software makes a real difference to Zinzino. Spijker: “Its quality is of a very high level. It is not only a very user-friendly and flexible tool, it also made the integration with our own cloud-based  software effortless. And so, following the first project in Poland, we were very quickly able to integrate other distribution centers. The Radial software was a real driver of our expansion into other growth markets with Radial.”

One group

“20 million customers by 2035”

In the coming years, Radial will continue to build on the growth path of the Swedish company. Zinzino intends to serve eight to ten new markets in the course of this year, including India, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, South Africa, Mexico and Russia. And they are also looking at other countries. Jakob Spijker, Zinzino Europe’s COO: ” By the end of 2025, we want at least 1 million customers to use our products, by 2035 there should be as much as 20 million. So we will be sending a lot of parcels in collaboration with Radial.”


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